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We offer clients bespoke packaging fabrication that can meet any given specification.

What do we offer


For over 30 years, Europlast has expanded and consolidated its business over the intervening years to become one of the foremost manufacturers of polythene plastic packaging materials in the UK today.


We offer a wide range of plastic products.


We are committed to giving you the best quality plastics with regular quality checks to ensure that the product are produced to the highest standard.

We at Europlast

Have over 30 years experience as a plastic packaging manufacturer and this is at the forefront of the company’s reputation. We are committed to high production quality and high levels of customer service.

We offer clients bespoke packaging fabrication that can meet any given specification. Quantities range from as few as 1000 units so no matter how small or large your company is we can provide a tailored service to suit your needs.

Our plastic bags are manufactured, cut, sealed and packed to the highest quality control standards, with checks at every stage of production to ensure that consistency of the plastic, colour, size and film density are maintained throughout each stage of the process.

Our Commitment

Is to make the process as streamlined as possible and the company has a firm commitment to quality, and is currently working towards ISO 9001 conformance which is an international standard for implementing, and maintaining a Quality Management System.

Europlast is equally committed to preserving the environment, and carries accreditation from the Environment Agency for complying to stringent waste reprocessing standards – all of the company’s waste polythene plastic products are in fact recycled into other products.

We are specialists in all type of packaging

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Envelopes

Bubble Pouches

Mailing Bags

Foam Packaging

Cardboard Boxes

And Many More Products…

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